Roof Cleaning & Maintaince

At atlas out aim is to make your roof stand out in the street always aiming to give your property that fresh and clean look.

How we clean them

  • We start off scrapping the moss off of the roof by hand using small scrapers covering every inch of your roof, we then blow all the dust and debris down onto the floor and onto the floor and into the guttering (after we have blocked your downpipes)
  • We clean out all of your guttering afterwards
  • We then bag all of the wast and dispose of
  • Now everything is free from moss we replace any broken titles and ridge and re point ridge and valleys where pessary
  • After this is done we can spray our anti fungicide onto the titles once full roof has been sprayed we rinse off the full roof with a hosepipe washing all the dirty water away leaving your roof gleaming

We can also offer a low pressure jet wash clean although only applicable to certain properties and tiles.

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